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Reduce Utility Bill

If you want to reduce utility bill costs, which include the cost of basic services such as gas, water and electricity, you can achieve this goal by making a solid effort to conserve energy and making sure you are using

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Energy Saving Facts

While there are many energy saving facts you should know to help improve your energy conservation awareness, there are other facts about energy you might find shocking.  For instance, did you know that the average American generates approximately 40,000 pounds

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Recent Customers

Laub Builders

”Here at Laub Builders we always knew we built an energy efficient home but had no idea how efficient or how to prove it. With the HERS rating performed by your company we have a thorough & detailed report to do just that to our customers.“ – Laub Builders

E. Tars of Philadelphia

”East Penn Energy Solutions provided outstanding service from beginning to end. They gave a professional assessment, with absolutely zero, if not less-than-zero sales pressure, telling us where we would get the most improvement for our investment, and what, while good, was probably not cost-effective.” – E. Tars Philadelphia

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