The fiscal cliff did come and go, but there was a perk in the mix for those of you that have performed Energy Minded renovations or considering ones this year. Listen to what Forbes writer Ahslea Ebling has to say. It the sweet sound of retro-active tax credits! So let get started, Give East Penn a call today for an assessment & renovation, and get increased comfort, saving and credits!
Jan. 3 2013 — 3:32 pm

Fiscal Cliff Deal Helps Homeowners Pay For Green Remodeling

Today's Corn Plant, Tomorrow's Corn Stove Fuel

“If your home needs sprucing up, there’s a catch-all $500 Harvard University’s Leading Indicator

of Remodeling Acti

vity. The index shows double digit annual growth since fourth quarter 2012.

Why not get a little help from Uncle Sam, and you can feel good about it at the same time? The Alliance To Save Energy touts energy-efficient remodels as a way to help lower your home energy bills, provide a more comfortable living space and reduce air pollution.

“You have people all the time in the market for new Home Depot and Lowe’s to advertise based on the tax credit, reaching out to people who haven’t used it before. “There’s quite a big market for people to use this,” Callahan says, adding that tens of millions of homes are under-insulated.

The credit is 10% of the cost of the building materials (labor excluded) for insulation, exterior windows and doors that meet Energy Star requirements, and roofs (metal roofs with pigmented coating, or asphalt roofs with cooling granules). So if the cost is $5,000, you get the full $500 credit, except for windows, which have a sublimit of $200. Also eligible towards the $500 maximum credit are: central air conditioners ($300), heat pumps ($300), online casinoene

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