“Are we Missing something?”

Here at East Penn we do a variety of things. We offer consulting on both sides of the fence from Code Enforcement and education in helping Builders comply with code and assisting with building more efficient homes. It’s a fine line but very rewarding. In many cases Code Enforcement is not glamorous. We are often looked at as Big Brother watching, or more recently “Big Government”. But I tell you it is all about health and safety. In the coming weeks I will post some noteworthy items that were found. Some from Energy Consulting and some from Code Enforcement. This can give you an inside look at what I do.

Today issue comes from an Energy Star home that I worked on about a year ago. We were in the final stages of delivery. In fact the house had its Occupancy. I was there for the Energy Star final checklist. The occupants were in the process of moving in. The trucks were there! As the inspections goes on, I bother to look up in the attic to verify the attic insulation. Attic insulation is something that happens most often late in the process, so it often doesn’t get verified until final inspection. So this is what I saw. I texted the builder while in the attic, “Hey, am I/we missing something?” He freaked out; he knew the folks were moving into a house with no attic insulation!

2014-11-19 15.59.43

In 2 days he had the Insulation Company there to fix it. Ultimately the code folks missed it, these new home owners were moving into what they thought was an Energy Star home complete with a new Geothermal heating system (but no attic insulation). Fortunately the builder was right on it and very appreciative. It was clearly a breakdown in communication internally with his staff and scheduling. The home owners did not know much about this snafu, we saved some face for the builder and all were happy and warm!

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