Why Energy Conservation Is Important

You may know what energy conservation is, but have you ever stopped to consider why energy conservation is important?   The reality is that there are many reasons why conserving energy is significant to our lives.  First of all, saving energy is important because energy use effects the environment and everyone in it.  Secondly, when you conserve energy you also save on the cost of living.
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That said, to help you understand why energy conservation is important you should know that there are two kinds of energy sources we depend on – renewable and nonrenewable.  Renewable energy sources are those that are continuously

replenished, such as water, wind, and solar.  Nonrenewable energy sources, on the other hand, like gas, coal, and oil, cannot be replaced.  Hence, the consumption of these sources needs to be controlled to ensure that the limited supply we have will be available to generations in the future.

Therefore, why energy conservation is important is because we depend on energy for virtually everything in our lives.  Energy doesn’t just make our lives more comfortable, in many ways it’s imperative for our survival. 

Since this is the case, if we continue to waste it without employing proper conservation methods, one day we will run out of nonrenewable energy to use.

Nevertheless, another vital detail to keep in mind is when we use nonrenewable energy sources we often add pollution to the environment.  In fact, it is estimated that every year in the United States the energy use of the average family produces well over 11,000 pounds of air pollutants. How is this possible?  When we use fossil fuels (i.e. coal, natural gas, petroleum), for instance, like those found in our combustion appliances (i.e. furnace) we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to both water and air pollution, as well as climate change.  However, we can dramatically lower the amount of pollution we cause by investing in energy efficient appliances and practicing other energy saving methods.

Need more incentive to make energy cutbacks in your home, how about the fact that the less energy you use the more money you’ll keep in your pocket!

Since there are so many ways we can benefit from using less energy, it is imperative that everyone does their part to educate themselves as much as they can when it comes to learning why energy conservation is important, and applying the knowledge they acquire to everyday life.  After all, conserving energy isn’t just about saving money every month on bills by reducing energy consumption; it’s also about saving the environment.

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