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Thinking of Buying a New Home?
Think Home Energy Rating!

A rating or commonly called an Energy Audit, in conjunction with a Home Inspection is a Winning Team.

Certified RESNET Home Energy Auditors are highly skilled specialists in Energy Efficiency.

The benefits are;

A visual & diagnostic inspection using specialized equipment such as a blower door test, duct leakage tester, combustion analyzer and infrared camera to assess the building components and function ability such as:

  • Windows, doors, insulation, ducts,
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment
  • Air leaks in the building envelope,  ducts leakage
  • The effectiveness of insulation inside walls and ceilings
  • Any existing or potential combustion safety issues

Hers RaterProvided to you is a computerized simulation analysis utilizing RESNET Accredited Rating Software to calculate a rating score on the HERS Index. This report will also contain;

  • a cost/benefit analysis for the recommended improvements,
  • expected return on investment.

Not only can it play a decisive role when buying a home, it also:

  • Provides cost-effective solutions to energy-related issues
  • Adds to the resale value of a home
  • Helps lead to a healthier living environment

Also A Rating can be instrumental with an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM).

The Energy Efficient Mortgages Program (EEM) helps home-buyers or homeowners save money on utility bills by enabling them to finance the cost of adding energy-efficiency features to new or existing housing as part of their FHA-insured home purchase or refinancing mortgage. This program seeks to help achieve national energy-efficiency goals (and reduce pollution) and provide better housing for people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. By considering the savings on monthly utility bills when determining how large a mortgage the household can afford,an Energy Rating is performed by a certified HERS Rater.

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Laub Builders

”Here at Laub Builders we always knew we built an energy efficient home but had no idea how efficient or how to prove it. With the HERS rating performed by your company we have a thorough & detailed report to do just that to our customers.“ – Laub Builders

E. Tars of Philadelphia

”East Penn Energy Solutions provided outstanding service from beginning to end. They gave a professional assessment, with absolutely zero, if not less-than-zero sales pressure, telling us where we would get the most improvement for our investment, and what, while good, was probably not cost-effective.” – E. Tars Philadelphia

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