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While there are many energy saving facts you should know to help improve your energy conservation awareness, there are other facts about energy you might find shocking.  For instance, did you know that the average American generates approximately 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions every year just by using energy?  That adds up to not only a massive amount of pollution and depletion of nonrenewable energy sources, but also hefty utility bills.

Therefore, if you think it’s time you were a cut above the average individual and have decided you’d like to lower your energy consumption, here are some interesting energy saving facts you may find useful to help you stay motivated on your path toward energy conservation:

  • Some of the newest models of energy efficient refrigerators are designed so well they use less power than a light bulb.  This is great news considering every year, home refrigerators buy cialis online throughout the United States use the electricity equivalent of 25 large power plants.
  • An energy efficient washing machine can save more water in a single year than one person can drink in a lifetime.
  • Clean your light bulbs. A thick layer of dust on a light bulb can obstruct as much as half the light the bulb can actually produce.
  • Switch to c

    ompact fluorescent bulbs. An incandescent light bulb only uses 10% electricity while the remaining 90% of energy is lost to heat.

  • Here’s great energy saving facts in terms of lighting.  By simply replacing five normal bulbs that are frequently used with energy efficient ones, you can save as much as $60 every year.
  • Replace leaking water faucets.  A leaking water faucet that drips one water droplet every second wastes up to 165 gallons of water in one month.
  • Open fridge doors only when necessary and for as little time as possible.  Each time you open the fridge, as much as 30% of the cold air can be lost.
  • Seal your windows.  A crack around a window frame that’s as tiny as 1/16th of an inch can be the equivalent to having the window open 3 inches.
  • Turn off the heat drying cycle setting on your dishwasher.  Not using the heat drying feature can save 20% of your dishwasher’s entire power use.
  • Appliances that have been given the Energy Star seal of approval use anywhere from 10% – 50% less energy and water than regular models.

By putting some of these energy saving facts you’ve learned to good use, you can save money while at the same time become more energy conscious.

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