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Why Build Efficiently?

In contrast to typical construction, energy efficient new homes are quality-built for superior performance and lower monthly energy costs.  Homes qualified through the FirstEnergy New Homes Program achieve energy efficiency through established, reliable building techniques.  From high performance windows to advanced heating and cooling systems, energy efficient homes offer reduced energy costs, increased comfort and peace-of-mind.

Energy efficient houses have many advantages:

  • Lower operating costs:  Qualified homes are at least 15% more efficient than code-built new homes.  By using less energy, the homes cost less to operate, which means more money in your wallet month after month.
  • Better performance:  Energy efficient homes feel more comfortable.  Additional insulation keeps the inside of your home at a more stable temperature.  Indoor humidity is better controlled, and drafts are reduced.  Efficient homes are often very quiet because the extra insulation and tight construction help to keep out exterior noise.
  • Smart investment:  Energy efficiency in a new home is an increasingly valued feature when the time comes to sell.  Potential higher resale values, combined with lower operating costs, make an energy efficient new home a smart investment.


Participation agreements for both builders and raters can be found on the program website at Signing up is a simple process, and is required for participation in the program:
Builders – If you plan to build in the service territories of Met-Ed, Penelec or Penn Power, simply fill out the online participation agreement and contact a HERS Rater. Once your information is received and verified, you will be added to the list of participating builders.

Eligibility for program participation requires ;

  • that a home receives electric service in Pennsylvania from Met-Ed, Penelec or Penn Power,
  • meets all local code requirements
  • and exceeds the 2009 IEEC by a minimum of 15 percent.
  • all homes must be ENERGY STAR® qualified to be eligible for incentives.
  • Energy performance will be calculated by a certified HERS Rater


ENERGY STAR qualified homes meet strict federal standards for efficient construction practices. ENERGY STAR qualification is required for this program. For more information on how to become an ENERGY STAR partner, visit the EPA website at:

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Laub Builders

”Here at Laub Builders we always knew we built an energy efficient home but had no idea how efficient or how to prove it. With the HERS rating performed by your company we have a thorough & detailed report to do just that to our customers.“ – Laub Builders

E. Tars of Philadelphia

”East Penn Energy Solutions provided outstanding service from beginning to end. They gave a professional assessment, with absolutely zero, if not less-than-zero sales pressure, telling us where we would get the most improvement for our investment, and what, while good, was probably not cost-effective.” – E. Tars Philadelphia

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