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How to save with Window AC units

AC Widow Sealed

Now it Cooling season, now what? Well when trying to save on your cooling costs and you have a window air conditioner, there is something you will want to know. I often go into homes and see that the lower

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The Scoop about Blower door tests

I often get requests for a Blower door test, or “what is the Blower door?” In short it’s a fan that temporarily mounts usually in the front door of the house. This fan will usually depressurize your home to a

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First Time Home Buyer’s Remorse

In the few weeks I have been dealing with a professional young couple that had just purchased their first home. Unfortunately it has not gone well. They are 2 months in on the home and have replaced most of the

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It’s Fall!!! And its time to Warm up!!

Fall leaves

Yes it’s that time of year again. Hot cider, Pumpkin pies, leaves changing and the frost in the air is a matter of weeks away.  It is also time to consider getting your house tuned up for the heating season.

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Resolve to save energy in 2014


  Here at East Penn Energy Solutions, we’d like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. We’d also like to invite you to make a few resolutions for 2014 that will leave you feeling more comfortable, save you

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”Here at Laub Builders we always knew we built an energy efficient home but had no idea how efficient or how to prove it. With the HERS rating performed by your company we have a thorough & detailed report to do just that to our customers.“ – Laub Builders

E. Tars of Philadelphia

”East Penn Energy Solutions provided outstanding service from beginning to end. They gave a professional assessment, with absolutely zero, if not less-than-zero sales pressure, telling us where we would get the most improvement for our investment, and what, while good, was probably not cost-effective.” – E. Tars Philadelphia

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