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What can a big thick blanket for your house called? Thermal Barrier.


I’ve often found myself speaking to a Homeowner or Builder about the term “Thermal Barrier” . This week I ran into the perfect example to explain. It quite simple in one respect and not so in another. It’s that the

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Part 2 of the Why & How to Build Efficiently

Blowing Wind 2

Last time we spoke about the benefits of building a tight home and some consideration for that home. This time,  let’s look at ways we make homes good and tight. These are common things that often get overlooked and forgotten

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How can the US gain the lead in Efficiency Building?


Energy Efficiency for Builders, The Why. Part 1   Fall is one of the seasons that homeowners often think about keeping their houses warm and keeping the operating costs down. Once the home is built it can get tricky and

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“Are we Missing something?”


Here at East Penn we do a variety of things. We offer consulting on both sides of the fence from Code Enforcement and education in helping Builders comply with code and assisting with building more efficient homes. It’s a fine

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Skilled Construction Labor needed, where did they all go?

New Home

  Here is a perspective that has merit. We often here about the need of skilled labor. We had lots of skilled labor once. Jeffery Sparshott from the WSJ has some thoughts on this. By Jeffrey Sparshott   The Wall

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Laub Builders

”Here at Laub Builders we always knew we built an energy efficient home but had no idea how efficient or how to prove it. With the HERS rating performed by your company we have a thorough & detailed report to do just that to our customers.“ – Laub Builders

E. Tars of Philadelphia

”East Penn Energy Solutions provided outstanding service from beginning to end. They gave a professional assessment, with absolutely zero, if not less-than-zero sales pressure, telling us where we would get the most improvement for our investment, and what, while good, was probably not cost-effective.” – E. Tars Philadelphia

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