How well does the US rank with conservation measures among leading world econimies.

I found this article and it details how well or not the US ranks among the world in energy conservation and development. What I find at this time is how well a focus on conservation can stimulate the US economy rather than be a barrier to growth as an often held belief. Take a look.


U.S. ranks low for energy efficiency.

The U.S. falls behind other countries when it comes to energy efficiency.

The U.S. falls behind other countries when it comes to energy efficiency.

The U.S. has made limited or little progress toward better energy efficiency, ranking ninth among the world’s biggest economies, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy said Thursday.

Among the recommendations in the report is that the U.S. set more standards and goals to achieve greater efficiency. In Florida, approving statewide standards for energy efficiency or renewable energy has proven controversial.

The U.K. ranked first on the council’s new energy scorecard, followed closely by Germany, Japan and Italy.

Other economies in the ranking were Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Russia and the European Union. The 12 economies represent more than 78 percent of global gross domestic product, 63 percent of global energy consumption and 62 percent of the global carbon-dioxide equivalent emissions.

ACEEE divided 27 metrics across four groupings: those that track cross-cutting aspects of energy use at the national level, along with buildings, industry and transportation.

“The U.K. and the leading economies of Europe are now well ahead of the United States when it comes to energy efficiency,” Executive Director Steven Nadel said. “This is significant because countries that use energy more efficiently require fewer resources to achieve the same goals, thus reducing costs, preserving valuable natural resources, and creating jobs.”

He said the U.S. scored relatively high in buildings, but was at the bottom of the list in transportation.

First published in The Sustainable Oregon, July 12 2012



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