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Here at East Penn Energy Solutions, we’d like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. We’d also like to invite you to make a few resolutions for 2014 that will leave you feeling more comfortable, save you some money, and help the environment, too:


1.) Switch from incandescent to CFL or LED bulbs. You probably won’t have much of a choice here anyway – on Jan. 1, the U.S. will no longer manufacture or import incandescents. It’s part of a federal mandate to switch Americans to more energy-efficient bulbs. While LEDs and CFLs are initially more expensive than incandescents, they’ll save money over the long haul. According to EnergyStar, each bulb can save “$6 a year in electricity costs and can save $40 to $135 over its lifetime; uses about 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and lasts 10 to 25 times longer; and produces about 75% less heat, so it’s safer to operate and can cut energy costs associated with home cooling.”


2.) Upgrade old insulation,  seal up cracks that allow air to leak in or out, and replace old appliances with EnergyStar rated models.


3.) Combat drafts and save energy by sealing up light switches and electrical outlets with insulating gaskets.


4.) Learn about the HERS index and what it says about a home’s efficiency.


5.) Tune up your HVAC unit, then install a programmable thermostat and use it correctly. Studies have shown that in many cases, folks who have programmable thermostats are setting temperatures higher (or lower) than necessary, and/or not setting them back far enough when the space isn’t in use. This negates any savings the thermostat can provide.


6.) Schedule a whole-house energy audit to determine what else you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency — and your comfort. A certified RESNET technician from East Penn Energy Solutions can identify problem areas in your home, recommend steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and inspect critical components like your home’s heating and cooling systems. Contact us today!


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