Summer’s the perfect season for an energy audit

You can’t see it, but your hard-earned cash is flying out the window, slipping out the door, floating up the chimney, and drifting through gaps in the air conditioning ducts.  Energy-Cinch-Money-Flying-Out-Window-300x296

If your house has holes in the “building envelope” — the physical boundary between a home’s interior and exterior — you’re losing money every day when the cool air inside gets out, and the hot air outside gets in. An energy audit will identify just where you’re losing money — and what you can do to keep it in your wallet.


There’s a common misperception that energy audits can be done only in the cold months. That’s simply not true. During the heat of the summer, when air conditioning is running full bore, an energy audit is just as effective and important as ever.


The auditor conducts a number of tests to identify places in your home where money is being wasted: inefficient appliances; poor or nonexistent insulation; air leaks around doors or windows, and more. Then it’s a matter of making repair recommendations based on the results. Fixing problems is often as simple as adding insulation or applying caulking.


The auditor can also find areas where energy is being wasted by inefficient electrical equipment. For instance, that 15-year-old air conditioner may be costing more money to run than it would take to replace with a certified Energy Star model.


An audit that includes a comprehensive energy analysis with energy modeling can also help identify other energy suckers: devices that create “vampire loads” by continuing to drain power even when they’re switched off. Computers, cell phones, cable or satellite boxes, and a host of other electronic gadgets fall into this category.


Training in the retrofit energy market also allows East Penn Energy Solutions to assist with process through every phase — from attaining low-interest financing to finding a contractor to make renovations. Some homeowners may even qualify for super low interest rates — 0.99% for up to $15,000 — through the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program. There are also some great tax incentives: Homeowners can receive up to $500 in Federal rebates for energy related upgrades. In Pennsylvania, MetEd is offering up to $300 in rebates for participating in a two-part comprehensive home energy audit, and up to $900 in rebates for energy-saving improvements such as air sealing, insulation, windows and doors.


For instant savings, adjust the temperature when you’re sleeping or not at home. You can usually go up by just 5 degrees and save a bundle of money. If you keep your air conditioner at 70, set it to 75. For even more savings, get a programmable thermostat.


Contact East Penn Energy Solutions to schedule an audit today, and stop letting George, Abraham, and Alexander float out the window, because in the end, an efficient house adds up to a lot of Franklins in your wallet — where they belong.


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